ShockAlarm® - Electric Shock Drowning Prevention

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ShockAlarm® is a floating, continuously monitoring alarm that protects your family and friends from Electrical Shock Drowning.  It detects stray electrical currents that could be potentially dangerous. This is a passive device which means it isn’t connected to an electrical system that could pose added dangers when around water. ShockAlarm will sound an alert and flash a warning light when electrical current is detected. Perfect for monitoring pools and around boats and docks.


  • In Constant Contact with the Water While Monitoring
  • Simply Activation
  • Battery Operated – Does Not Introduce Electricity Into the Water
  • Portable and Can Be Easily Taken With You to Different Monitoring Sites
  • Totally Enclosed, Waterproof System



ShockAlarm® is a registered trademark of ShockAlarm LLC and is used with permission. ShockAlarm® is protected by US Patent # 9,836,943.


Reviews (2)

Don May 25th 2018

Pool shock alert

Tested and Seems to work fine

Joe Apr 23rd 2018

ShockAlarm gave me a peace of mind!

I bought the shock alarm to place it around our boat dock. I saw in the news people were dying from electrical shock drowning. Buying the ShockAlarm gave me a peace of mind. It's easy to use and doesn't take up much space. Definitely would recommend if you're spending the summer at a boat dock.

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Additional Info